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Max Bolle aka MABO has the ongoing approach to produce aesthetically pleasing short films and tutorials for his filmmaking community.
He founded his company MABO Films in 2017.
Since then he has been working on various client jobs as well as free projects as a full time creative with a focus on fashion and lifestyle commercials.
His fascination for aesthetics in film is a passion which he also transferred to creating unique products in his filmmaking niche.
Check out Visual Minds clothing, MABO GLOW and his digital products here.
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Next Generation Diffusion.

Next Level Multi Nano Coating.

Seeking for something new we took the best of all worlds and put it into MABO GLOW.

In the laboratories of Haida we developed a special nano coating giving your image stunning glowing highlights without a color cast, and slight overall image softening.
Leaving more contrast in your image, less stylized.

Lightweight frame to minimize vignetting with a double filter thread ready to combine with other filters.

MABO GLOW - Making your images look like frames from a movie.

Framing, Flow, Mood and Composition.

As creatives we spend a lot of time thinking about art and aesthetics. We took four dominant terms having an impact on the perception of art: framing, flow, mood and composition. Each of these pieces has its own dedicated element and related custom art piece on the back. Made fairly with premium cotton in Europe, we are proud to say that these pieces are made to last. Made to support you on your creative path.

Join the visual minds crew today. This is only the beginning!

LUTs, Presets and more.

Here you can find my digital products I am using to create my filmic look you know from my recent videos. Step up your filmmaking game now and get the MABO look!

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