Framing, Flow, Mood and Composition

As creatives we spend a lot of time thinking about art and aesthetics. We manifested four dominant terms having an impact on the perception of art: framing, flow, mood and composition. Each of these pieces has its own dedicated element and related custom art piece designed by aspiring artist Made fairly with premium cotton in Europe, we are proud to say that these pieces are made to last ✨

Fairmade in Europe with Premium Cotton

We designed the collection in help with our production in Poland, located 5 hours from Berlin. They remunerate their employees at rates surpassing the minimum wage threshold, while exclusively utilizing the finest quality of soft cotton.

The amazing screen prints are designed by aspiring artist and friend based in Leipzig, Germany. She understood the assignment and designed the four backprints marvelously ✨

Any further questions?

Feel free to contact me on Instagram @justmabo, I am happy to help you out ✨