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Framing Emotion.

Max Bolle aka MABO has the ongoing approach to produce aesthetically pleasing short films for his filmmaking community. While studying business and sports he discovered his passion for filmmaking with his first camera: The Sony a6000. From this day on he spent every free minute to shoot and learn.
He founded his filmmaking company MABO Films in 2017. After finishing his studies he decided to make the move and go fulltime as a self-employed filmmaker.
Since then he has been working on various client jobs as well as free projects with a focus on fashion and lifestyle commercials.
His filmmaking style could be described as progressive and experimental with a filmic touch. Harmonising well with music and movement, just on point for the message and emotion to transmit.

Visual Minds.

His passion for aesthetics in film is a passion which is also transferred to fashion. For a long time he had in mind to create a clothing brand for creatives and now dreams came to reality.

"Visual Minds" is a clothing brand from creatives for creatives with an orientation towards creativity, passion and art.

We creatives are "visual minds" thinking a lot about the visual arts and segments it contains.

SEASON 1 treats 4 dominant elements dealing with the perception of art: framing, flow, mood and composition. Each piece has its own dedicated element and got a hand drawn art piece on the back by amazing artist Melvik (

The collection is produced fairly close to Warsaw in Poland and high quality fabrics are used.
Fits are unisex and oversized, classified in the streetwear segment. 

Check out the campaign film:

Check out the collection presentation:

SEASON 1 is only the beginning, be part of this journey.

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