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SUPER BUNDLE: MABO GLOW 1/4 67mm + 82mm

SUPER BUNDLE: MABO GLOW 1/4 67mm + 82mm

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  • Next level diffusion with multi nano coating
  • Pleases skintones, reduces imperfections
  • Color neutral 
  • Double filter thread / stackable 
  • No vignetting
  • Lightweight

This bundle will contain one MABO GLOW 1/4 67mm filter and one 82mm filter.

We created the diffusion filter of the next generation for you: MABO GLOW

Seeking for something new we took the best of all worlds and put it into MABO GLOW.

We developed a special nano coating giving your image stunning glowing highlights without a color cast, and slight overall image softening. 

Just the right bit to make it look less digital. 

Skintones love MABO GLOW. Being neutral in color and at the same time softening up skin slightly, every skintone glows up beautifully with this filter.

While keeping the same glow in the highlights, the overall image softness is less prominent than common Mist filters on the market. 

Check out the high resolution comparison here: 

Leaving you more detail and contrast in your image,  less stylised. Without color cast.

Check the latest videos shot with MABO GLOW on my socials: 

@MABO @justmabo 

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