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MABO FILM LUTs + Presets + Film Frames COMBO Pack

MABO FILM LUTs + Presets + Film Frames COMBO Pack

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The MABO FILM COMBO pack. 7 film emulation LUTs + Presets + Frames + Grain + lightleaks used in all my recent videos and images.

Now updated for all cameras and picture profiles!

There are 7 LUTs included for Sony Slog 3 and the same 7 LUTs for all other camera profiles in REC709 format.

You will receive a ZIP with 14 .CUBE Files and a HOWTO .PDF

Presets are usable for all Camera Profiles in Lightroom.

The Film Frame pack contains:
-5 vintage frame borders for aspect ratios: 16:9 21:9 4:4 4:5 9:16 in .png format
-16mm+35mm grain overlays
-Lightleak + Swoosh in different variations
-5 vintage camera sounds to use in combination with your leaks and swooshes
-A How-To .PDF

The LUTs work in all known Editing programs like PremierePro/FinalCutPro/DaVinciResolve/

I made a video on how I color grade my videos with my LUTs:

For questions text me on Instagram @justmabo.

Enjoy MABO colors!
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