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SUPER BUNDLE: 2X MABO GLOW for Phone (2X MABO Glow 52mm 1/4 + 2X Clamp) *PREORDER

SUPER BUNDLE: 2X MABO GLOW for Phone (2X MABO Glow 52mm 1/4 + 2X Clamp) *PREORDER

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Ordering the filters here is a preorder. Badge is expected in around 8 weeks. 

Get MABO GLOW now for your phone and make your shots look extra cinematic!

We developed a special screwable clamp usable with most phone cameras - even with thin/medium cases! (maximum total phone thickness 1,3 centimeters)

The clamp can be combined with all filters with a 52mm filter thread. 

Added protection rubber for scratch free work. MABO branding on the front.

The clamp covers a tiny bit of the phone screen when screwed on. On the iPhone 15 Pro only the frame rate button was blocked, you can change that without removing the clamp in the main camera settings.

-scratch protection
-fits on most phones even with thin to medium cases
-clamp usable with other filters

Especially on highly edited and digitally sharpened phone footage MABO GLOW can take out the digital edge of the image and make it look more pleasing!

We created the diffusion filter of the next generation for you: MABO GLOW

Seeking for something new we took the best of all worlds and put it into MABO GLOW.

We developed a special multi nano coating giving your image stunning halation without a color cast, and slight overall image softening to take that digital edge out of your image.

Skintones love MABO GLOW. Being neutral in color and at the same time softening up skin slightly, every skintone glows up beautifully with this filter.

While keeping the same glow in the highlights, the overall image softness is less prominent than common Mist filters on the market.

Leaving you more detail and contrast in your image,  less stylised. Without color cast.

When will you receive the MABO GLOW filter when ordered now?

  • The campaign takes 3 weeks in total and as soon as Kickstarter money is received production can start. Production will take around 6 weeks.
  • The first badge will be shipped to my headquarter in Germany and from here the filter is going directly to all of you in the world.
  • As soon as the campaign is finished, I will have some stock in my headquarter and shipping times will be reduced drastically.

I will keep you updated on all channels.

Check latest footage shot with MABO GLOW 1/4 on my socials:

Youtube: MABO Instagram: @justmabo

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