Next Generation Diffusion

MABO premium camera filters enhancing the cinematic look of your images ✨

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Next Level Multi Nano Coating

Seeking for something new we took the best of all worlds and put it into MABO Glow

In the laboratories we developed a premium multi nano coating giving your image stunning glowing highlights without a color cast, and slight overall image softening.
Leaving more contrast in your image, less stylized

Taking out the digital edge of your image giving your shots an analogue, film feel

Lightweight steel frame to minimize vignetting with a double filter thread ready to combine with other filters - MABO Glow laser branding applied

MABO Glow - Making your images look like frames from a movie ✨

What is a diffusion filter?

A diffusion filter is a cinematographic tool designed to enhance the overall look and feel of your footage. This optical accessory, often mounted in front of the camera lens, works by softening and scattering light, resulting in a subtle, ethereal glow. The primary purpose is to reduce the harshness of shadows and highlights, creating a more flattering and cinematic atmosphere

Why use a diffusion filter?

  1. Softening Effect: Diffusion filters excel in imparting a soft, flattering touch to your subjects, minimizing imperfections and enhancing the overall visual appeal.
  2. Glow and Halation: By introducing a gentle glow and controlled halation around bright areas, diffusion filters add a touch of magic, ideal for creating a dreamy or romantic ambiance.
  3. Mood Enhancement: Tailor the mood of your scenes with the right diffusion filter. Whether you seek a vintage, timeless look or a modern, sleek aesthetic, these filters provide a versatile tool for creative expression.
  4. Flare Control: Diffusion filters can help manage lens flares, ensuring a controlled and artistic incorporation of these optical phenomena into your compositions.

Why choose MABO Glow?

For many years I have been working with a various number of different diffusion filters. After all these years of shooting experience I created the filter which fits exactly my desired look

With a multi layer nano coating we crafted a diffusion hybrid: One layer of mist diffusion, combined with a layer of nano sparkles. This combination gives me the desired glow I love but leaves the overall image with more contrast, less stylized

Looks are always subjective, so it's on you to decide which filter fits you best!

Any further questions?

Let me know on Instagram @justmabo, I am happy to help you out ✨